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your personal development - your way

Each of us is blessed with unlimited potential.  The nature of the human brain is that it can keep making new connections, learning new knowledge, practicing new behaviours, becoming more creative and so much more.

There is so much joy in self-directed learning, especially when done in partnership with an experienced coach.

My skills, honed over the past twenty years, are to get you to look at things differently. To recognise that there is no singular 'correct way' of doing anything, or thinking about any situation.

You create the options, and then you decide what action you wish to take to make improvements in your life.  Both in your professional and your personal life. 

Most people come to coaching because there is something they want to change. I'll help you identify your choices and support you through the change phase.


The only constant in life is change. Learning to adapt to change takes brain effort, and brings rewards wherever you choose to focus.

Dynamic coaching creates the safe environment where you can access new thoughts, creative ideas, and innovative approaches to the challenges you face. In a world that is changing fast you need to bring your 'A' game in terms of thinking. 

I offer a free sample session for you to evaluate the benefits for yourself.

Dave Chopra.jpg
Dave Chopra.jpg

Dave Chopra
HR Manager

"Nick helped me to appreciate my values and to put things into action to achieve my goals. Nicks innovative approach and systematic methods were well structured and showed his expertise in this field. "

Jamie Lumsden.jpg

Jamie Lumsden
Head Chef

"After talking with Nick for no more than 5 minutes I could feel myself moving. Becoming clearer and more emotionally stable. I have seen many therapists,consulatants and other professional's throughout my life, Never have I met somebody as brilliantly observant and tactful as Nick. "


"It was a real pleasure to work with Nick. I enjoyed very much his enthusiasm and expertise, how he quickly understood my motivations and ambitions and the way you pointed out my weaknesses and prepare me to get to my next career move. "

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