New Beginings

Sometimes, letting go can be the hardest thing.

Nothing is perfect and looking at the imperfect thing from one perspective allows us to hide the imperfections and pretend that everything is ok.

We then hold on to the thing, because of the positive elements, not realising that letting go and freeing ourselves to create something new may be the best option.

That’s a way of describing the situation with Conscious Communication.

We created something that was, in my opinion, the best work I have ever done, with great benefits for those who used it, and at the same time wasn’t the finished article, mainly because it remained inaccessible to many, particularly those people who are of a more fixed mindset.

I recognise I was also in a fixed mindset, and in an attempt to move beyond this, I am opening up Conscious Communication to be something more or different to what it has been up to this point.

I am very interested in opening up opportunities to use Conscious Communication to achieve positive results in all sorts of different forums. To do this will require creativity and collaboration. The good news is that Conscious Communication allows us to access the highest levels of creativity and collaboration!

I have come to the conclusion that in order to move forward I need to share the Conscious Communication methodology with potential collaborators so that they can experience it for themselves and discover the possibilities that excite them. The link between communication and the discoveries of neuroscience make this such a rich area for work as we discover how combining them produces new opportunities in so many directions.

I am planning to run a weekend workshop to share the methodology, and I will also run some introductory evenings if people want to have a little taster before committing to a whole weekend.

If you are interested, can you please email me on indicating your preference for either coming to a weekend workshop or a taster evening.  My intention is to cover the cost as an investment in a new future.

Once I have quantified the responses and interest, I will be able to plan appropriate dates and venues.

If you have any questions, I would welcome them, please do get in touch.