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learn together - grow personally

I've studied personal development for 25 years and been a coach for 20 years.

I've concluded that some people learn and develop best in a one-to-one setting, while others thrive within a group. (And some do both)

Learning in a group also allows a personal development curriculum to be followed which brings together the latest understandings from neuroscience, psychology and coaching helping you understand how brains work in general, and how your brain works in particular.

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With 95% of all brain activity unconscious, we explore together over 12 live weekly interactive online workshops to find the specific elements that lead to your success and happiness, as well as discovering some self-sabotaging behaviours that we may be unaware of.

Working in a small group has the benefit of learning from every member in the group as you learn together and share unique insights, leading to personal growth for all.

The Work in Progress programme is now renamed MindFit. You can learn more about the content, and see testimonials from previous participants here.

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Laura Phillips
Chief Digital and Information Officer

"I've learnt masses, it's made me think and reflect a lot about how I behave and why I behave the way I behave and is that how I want to be?"

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David Tawil

"Each session has a very clear topic that's covered and a structure that does help you contain your thoughts and come out of it with your insights that you can take forward."


Amy Robins

"The setups have been really good because, as we've learnt we can take those out of the Work in Progress context and use them in other contexts. It focuses (us) how we want to be to achieve a certain task and that's been really useful. So, it's a self development course for you but mixed with a kind of training course about how your mind works."

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