We believe:

  • every challenge has a solution

  • human beings are naturally resourceful and creative

  • working in teams can both enhance and detract from our effectiveness

If you have a challenge that is proving difficult to solve, or if you are looking to create something that doesn’t currently exist, we have a new concept for you.

A partnership of two experts, Jonathan Ben, of Converge PD, a product specialist, and Nick Simmonds of Conscious Communication, we have created something together that we couldn’t do on our own. We combine Jon’s skills in product design and Nick’s skills in communication to create a method that maximises the creative potential of every member of the team.

Going beyond ‘brainstorming’ this new methodology uses understandings from neuroscience and combines it with twenty years of experience in our two fields to support teams to find solutions that once seemed hidden.

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Your solution is too important to be anything other than the best - take control now and discover the solution that is currently hidden.