What kind of communication issues are showing up in your organisation?

Reported to us are:

  • Misunderstandings

  • Avoidance of difficult conversations

  • Boring meetings/presentations

  • Personal opinions presented as facts

  • Too much information

  • Not being listened to/interruptions

Conscious Communication is a new methodology that equips individuals and teams with simple, easy to learn, approaches that can change the way we communicate for the better.

Neuroscientists tell us that the brain is approximately 2% of our body weight, and yet uses around 25% of all the energy we produce.  It’s a demanding organ, and it has unconscious mental habits to reduce the high energy usage. For example, we:

  • Assume

  • Expect

  • Stereotype

  • Jump to conclusions

And we do these automatically and unconsciously, like we are in ‘autopilot’ mode. Conscious Communication gives you the skills to recognise and change ineffective communication resulting in higher levels of understanding, collaboration and clarity.

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