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coaching for entrepreneurs


coaching leaders in the neuroscience age  

Entrepreneurs are business adventurers. Exploring new opportunities, pushing boundaries and reaching new peaks.

Successes are hard won, and challenges are many and complex, and constantly changing.

The human brain creates neural networks every time you learn something new. It also widens and strengthens a neural network if you repeat an action or a thought. It takes more brain energy to create a new neural network than reusing one previously created.

The brain's default choice is to reuse a previous thought using less energy in order to keep energy in store in case it's needed for some unforeseen threat. This is a result of 99.5% of human existence being as hunter gatherers.

But for disrupter entrepreneurs, old ideas rarely suffice, maps don't exist, originality is paramount.

Coaching creates the safe environment where you can access new thoughts, creative ideas, and innovative approaches to the challenges you face. In a world that is changing fast and demanding unique solutions to original opportunities, you need to bring your 'A' game in terms of thinking. 


Olga de Villiers
Co-Founder / CEO

"Nicks' coaching sessions are incredibly empowering. "

Simon Leich.jpg

"I have seen the benefits of using his tools and techniques which have helped me to generate more repeat business sales, and build better relationships."


"My coaching with Nick has completely transformed my life. Now I truly believe that I can do anything...... "

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