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an idea generation programme that changes company culture


Hidden Solutions is a programme that is co-facilitated with Jon Ben

It was Jon's idea to marry together Conscious Communication with his idea generation and problem-solving methodology.

The result is a unique programme that has the following outcomes:

  • personal development for all participants

  • improved communication throughout the organisation

  • a new approach to challenges

  • a number of ideas generated to develop

  • a change of culture becoming more collaborative, innovative and respectful.

more information on the Hidden Solutions website

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Ian Steel
Managing Director

"I'm really pleased with how people are engaging and how they're translating the learning to real-life practice. "


Owen Williams
Engineering Manager

"What I’m taking away is a new found confidence with my new knowledge of Hidden Solutions. Also the team bonded very well and we’re seeing that now in the business after the training"


Joe Wood
Engineering Designer

"It’s improved me in terms of my professionalism ten-fold. I’m taking away much improved professional confidence."

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