Perfecting Your Pitch

In these ‘attention-starved’ times, never has ‘making a first impression’ been so important.

With most of us at ‘information overload’ people are looking to quickly decide if something is useful and relevant, with a bias toward hoping it isn’t so they can focus elsewhere.

Utilising recent discoveries in the field of neuroscience, you will learn how much of what we think we understand is, in fact, counter-intuitive. With new understanding of how our brains process information, you can communicate more effectively.

Using the ‘wisdom of crowds’ you will discover how different people react to your pitch, allowing you to target your message.

Whether pitching for new clients, collaborations or investment you will have the skills to quickly accelerate your business.  This may be the best investment you ever make!



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Make a positive first impression
Grab and keep their attention
Create demand for your services
Improve conciseness
Achieve clarity on your proposition