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bespoke leadership team coaching

The leadership team is both the heartbeat and pre-frontal cortex of every organisation. It sets the direction, purpose and strategy while distributing the energy and resources to all parts.

No two organisations are the same, and nor are their leadership teams.

To meet the evolving challenges, leadership teams need to be collaborative, visionary, dynamic and fit for purpose.

Contemporary Boardroom

A Four Dimensional Approach

  • Learn how the thinking and behaviours that have produced your current level of success can actively detract from creating future success


  • Highlight individual Strengths and the impact of Overdone Strengths

  • Share best practice processes such as:

    • Risk Tracker

    • Discretionary boundaries for Manager’s decisions

    • Boundaries established for responsibilities

    • Create a real-time tracker

  • Utilising The Institute of Directors ‘Tasks of the Board’ template to create a “roadmap” of tasks and responsibilities

  • Coach the board on individual and collective responsibilities

  • Coach the board to move from ‘Operational Thinking’ to ‘Strategic Thinking’

  • Learning how to ensure ‘Task Conflict’ does not degenerate into ‘Relationship Conflict’

  • Coach the board to move from ‘Suggesting solutions’ to ‘Establishing the issue & empowering responsibility’

  • Learn Conscious Communication methodology

Co-facilitated with Clinton Wingrove - HR consultant & Co-author of SuperTeams. With a background comprising international executive roles he founded Clinton HR and co-founded

Clinton and Nick bring their complimentary skills and experience to create a unique supportive and effective leadership team coaching programme.


"Nick has made it possible to create a clear path to team growth"

Chris P.jpg

Nick  brings great energy to the conversation, is a fantastic listener and will provide insights that you may be missing. 


Tom Smith
Marketing Technology Specialist

I have found these sessions extremely beneficial in growing as a person which has had a big impact in my workplace.

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