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the biggest team challenge is also your greatest opportunity

Communication not only fuels team success, it reveals how people think.

Conscious Communication is a methodology that improves thinking at the individual level, helping people to become better at making decisions, being creative  and finding solutions.

Conscious Communication also reduces negative behaviours such as poor listening, inappropriate assumptions & biases.

At the same time Conscious Communication improves communication at the group level resulting in greater clarity, collaboration and understanding.

More info on the Conscious Communication website including the 5 levels of communication, a case study, and many short video tips.

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CC Final tight.jpg
CC Final tight.jpg

Nipa Bhanu
HR Manager

“The exercise of: what is working well, isn’t, and could be better, was fantastic and raised so many points” 


Jodene Murphy
PMO Lead

"Very engaging, everyone actively participated."


Heidi Cotton
Head of HR & Training

“From today’s training, it was the first time I actually took a bit of a back seat and really listened. To really understand how the brain works and how I can train my brain to work differently. 

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